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AV Connect is a proud authorized dealer of ELAN, creators of award-winning smart home entertainment systems. Using the most recent technological advances, ELAN is ahead of the curve in offering the smart home automation Austin enjoys combining all of your operating needs in your control from anywhere in your house.

ELAN smart home automation systems are designed to offer simple solutions to control your home entertainment options, as well as other operating systems throughout your home.



Televisions have come a long way since the early days of small black-and-white screens with vertical hold issues. Over the last several decades, each new TV technology rollout has promised the best resolution and clearest picture that would offer you the best solution to your television-watching needs. Then a few months later, the next best television would be suddenly introduced, making your old new one obsolete, or at least not the best on the market at the time.

High definition technology that was once reserved for top of the line television sets in the most exclusive homes is now standard with the industry taking the concept to the next step with each new iteration of the best television resolution, picture, and audio capabilities. In 2012, LG released the first 4K television that promised and delivered a resolution that far exceeded its 1080P HD predecessor, increasing the pixels from 1920 x 1080 to a whopping 3840 x 2160. Right on the heels of 4K, the industry doubled the resolution sharpness with new 8K televisions featuring 7680 x 4320 pixels.

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